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Agency Services

We offer services that help our clients achieve success.

At SocialMediaLeader, we’ll help you find the right mix of online and traditional marketing tactics to help you accomplish your goals and give you the most bang for your buck. Whether you need support for an existing marketing team, a fully-outsourced marketing department or single project services.

On-going Marketing Services

Need help managing your marketing? Whether it’s a couple hours per month or 20 hours per week, we can help
Single Project Services

We offer a wide variety of single project services for clients that are looking for help with individual marketing services.

Marketing Strategy

At SocialMediaLeader, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to marketing. Your circumstances are unique, and your marketing strategy should reflect that.


The goal of advertising is to generate interest. And that’s what our advertising does. We’ll recommend an advertising mix designed to get people in the doors…


Your brand is more than a polished look and a cool logo. It’s the essence of who you are. At SocialMediaLeader, we consider all factors – your story, your people…

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become popular mediums for engaging customers and generating new leads.

Web Design & Development

Website design and development can be done by nearly anyone these days – and in many cases, it is. It’s time to break out of that mentality and set your business…

National SEO

The importance of SEO in promoting your business has grown exponentially. At SocialMediaLeader, we understand that one of the keys to a successful business lies in it’s…

Local SEO

To effectively rank for local markets, combining Google Places optimization with local SEO is a current best practice. Recently, Google made changes to their ranking…

Paid Search Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a part of paid search engine Marketing (SEM). With PPC advertising, your business bids for advertising slots on search engines…
Reputation Management

Your online image is NOT just your business website, its social media, reviews, testimonials and more. It’s what defines you in a digital



We are a social enterprise dedicated to simplify social media marketing to any businesses, organisation & individuals through a collaborative integrated solution.

Our solution takes away the pain of managing your own social media marketing, at a fraction of the cost with a;

• Systematic & Sophisticated Workstation

• Highly Dedicated Team

• Highly Customisable User Interface based on your brand

• Measurable Results!

And we aim to build & introduce the principles of ‘social or conscious capitalism’ & create more social entrepreneurs to the world by inspiring creation of wealth & abundance with a high value of contribution to society.



We do these through our values;

1. INTEGRITY- we promote brands with the utmost integrity & good values. In everything that we do, INTEGRITY will be the essence of everything.

2. SIMPLICITY – we believe in simplicity of application & all our products and services are meant to simplify your life. We make social media marketing for your business as SIMPLE as possible so you can focus on your core offerings.

3. LOVE – in everything that we do, we believe in coming from the space of LOVE. We love interacting & engaging with our clients & communities and we definitely LOVE what we do in changing the world for the better.

4. ADAPTABLE - we are very flexible in customising our solutions to suit our client’s requirements. We believe change is the only constant & being ADAPTABLE allows us to deliver the best.

5. MASTERY – in order to be great at something, we believe in having personal MASTERY & we teach ourselves to be the best at what we do. We are themaster of our own domain & we partner with other masters to achieve synergy & WIN-WIN results.

Why Us

Here are top 6 Reasons why you should choose US to be your social media marketing partner:

1. Our services HIGHLY ENGAGES your prospects in a 2-way, real time with quick, easy, “Free”, spontaneous, social, friendly and humanly possible as opposed to traditional media marketing.

2. EXCLUSIVE USE of our social media & strategic integrated marketing platform, expertise & applications for your company to enable strong and relevant leveraging of online branding.

3. Saves your organisation time and money on resources, so you can FOCUS on your CORE offerings.

4. Increases number of TARGETED PROSPECTS you can reach and gives your brand higher visibility.

5. HUGE LEVERAGE on our ‘state-of-the-art’ Social Media Marketing SYSTEM to manage your company activities on social networking sites which gives you piece of mind of not having the pain to manage more people.

6. Your social media sites also act as your BRAND AMBASSADOR and customer service officer where you have the ability to track how your brand or organisation is perceived in a social context by your targeted prospects or existing customers in the online world.

We also offer FREE 45 minutes social marketing consultation to you.

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